Welcome to our New Website

Thank you for visiting the all-new look official website of Geoff Dorsett, re-launched for 2012!  This is the place to visit every week to listen again to your favourite interviews that you heard on The Soft Rock Show and Forest FM, where we've made it even easier to see what the latest audio we've uploaded is.  We've also got all the official pictures of Geoff with his guests, along with information on where you can listen to the show or how you can get Geoff on your own radio station.

Why have I reached this page?

We have recently re-designed this website and that has resulted in a lot of movement of pages from one place to another.  You're reading this page because you have followed a link somewhere on the internet that has taken you to a place here that has moved.

I wanted to listen to an interview or some other piece of audio...

We used to set up VIP pages for our guests on the show, and although it wasn't meant to happen (for reasons such as when we move things about!) some artists and their management posted these VIP links on their own websites instead of directing you to the main website.  Some links were also posted which linked directly to the MP3 files we making available.  All of this audio is still available, however you need to find it within our Interview Archive which is under Interviews > Archive > [Year]

If you're not sure what year you're looking for, you can tell from the link that you followed.  If the link looked like this, the part in bold is the year...

If you followed a link like the one below, we're not sure what year it'll be in so it'll be a case of looking in each of our archives.  Apologies!

I am an artist who has been interviewed on the show in the past, and I want to listen to my interview again...

We are no longer creating VIP pages, and instead list all our new interviews in the Latest Audio section of the website, in a blog-style format.  All existing VIP pages are now re-directing to this page for guidance.  You'll find your previous interviews in the Interview Archive, which is under Interviews > Archive > [Year]

Help me!  I can't find what I'm looking for!

If you're struggling to find what you came here for, please send a quick message to the Webmaster who will be happy to find what you want and give you further instructions.  All you need to do, is click here!

I am an artist / management and want to update my website with the new links...

We would be delighted if you would update your website to reflect the changes.  Please post a link to the main website (www.geoffandandy.co.uk) and direct your visitors to the Interview Archive.  All new interviews will receive a link to the new blog-style page that will be written, which you are welcome to post on your website as the page will feature the interview audio.